I Got Banned!!!!!! :-(

January 18, 2007

I GOT BANNED!!! i dont know how!! well…..i kinda do. in the Battle of High Uy i said stuff like ‘i kill High Uy’ but so did high uy so i bet he got banned too. Well atleast its not forever! its only for 22 hours and 22 mins. so its not the end of the world. when i logged on and saw the u are banned thing i liked freaked.i was like 😮 😦 😥 but i thought lots a ppl get banned and i am only 22 hours and 22 mins. i have other acopounts too. so i wont be on Meaghan8888 for a little bit but u can see me as kirby9877. see ya and i hate gettin banned!!

kirby9877 till meaghan8888 gets unbanned


Penguin of the week!

January 18, 2007

Every week i post a new penguin of the week! This penguin this week is …..Flirm Li!!!
Flirm Li: boy
site: flirmli.wordpress.com
Flirm Li is a very good friend of mine is CP and the leader of the CPE. brave and daring, Flirm fights strng and proud in the CPE. i am the Chief Medic in the CPE and proud too! Flirm Li wheres general suit, tennis shoes, roman helmet, ski goggles, and guitar. he is light blue. he goes on mammoth alot. If u happen to see Flirm Li give him a shout out!

Penguin Of The Week!
this weeks penguin of the week is…. Minagirl7!
Minagirl7: girl
site: doesnt have one.
Minagirl7 is full of fun and very cool. Her good friend Spiked Mini and Arigon224 are just some of he friends! she is a all around fun person to be around and u have probaly seen her. she goes on mammoth alot and is my friend. A member with awsome items too. So if u see Mina say hi for me!

The Battle With High Uy

January 18, 2007

Today Flirm Li, Prototype, and me fought this really wracked penguin named High Uy!! he was really wired cuz he would say stuff like ‘injects deadly poison in meaghan’ and eyes ‘glow red’ and ‘starts eating meaghan’ lol! yes he thought he was some kinda muntant! he kept changing and he would be all ‘muntanty’ and start eating my head!! talk about strange. Then flirm li said he had surrender and ordored us to go to Prototype’s igloo. Of couse i didnt and stayed fighting High Uy. he got really mad at me. Finnaly High Uy really did surrender and just left saying he was done fighting. when i got to flirm li’s igloo i said i was srry for disobaing his ordors. he forgave me and we celabrated in the surrender of High Uy!!

Newspaper Dance

December 3, 2006

I know many glitches and i hope u do to. Post some glitches u know. How about the newspaper dance? well go to clubpenguin.load.swf and go to a room. click someones player card and drag it to the very left side of the screen. then click the newspaper. the newspaper chould apear but a white place will be on the sides. click the send mail button on the persons player card u had up and send them a card. start dancing and Ta Da!! u are dancing with newspaper! also try waving throwing snowballs and sittin!


December 3, 2006

I am in a orginization called the CPE. i am the Chief Medic and a proud fighter of the CPE. If u want to learn more about the CPE, want to join, or want to allie with your own CP army go to flirmli.wordpress.com. Thats my friends site who is the leader of the CPE.